Troubleshooting During the Webinar

Troubleshooting Before or During the Webinar

If you have any trouble before or during the webinar, please first try contacting Zoom support. To do that, click here and either click the little blue “Help” bubble in the bottom right corner, type in a question, and then click Live Chat or under the Support Process heading, click Chat Live. If they are unable to help you, then please email Please do not type technical questions into the Q&A box, this is for webinar-content related questions.

Interacting During the Webinar  

During the webinar, you will not need a camera or microphone; only Dr. Greger will be seen or heard. However, there will be some opportunity for interaction.

When Dr. Greger asks for suggestions and/or feedback, you can click on the Q&A button to respond.

Throughout the webinar, Dr. Greger might post links in the Chat window for you to click on. To see the Chat window, click the Chat button. You will be able to respond here, but only staff will see your posts. This should only be used for comments or feedback, if you have a question you would like Dr. Greger to answer, please click the Q&A button described above to ask a question.

Dr. Greger may also ask you to "raise your hand" during the webinar. For example, if Dr. Greger asks you to raise your hand if you love kale, you can click the Raise Hand button on your screen.

Note: Dr. Greger's screen should be the main screen so you can see the presentation. If you double click Dr. Greger's face (his camera screen), it will become the mainscreen. To get back to his screen, double click the screen share image.

Please email if you have any questions.
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