How to Search the Site from a Mobile Device

Where do I enter my search?

To search from your mobile phone, first click on the hamburger menu (the ≡ in the upper right corner) to display the full site navigation contents.

(For instructions on how to search from a desktop or laptop computer, look here.)


Where do I enter my search?

Tap on the SEARCH box and type in your search terms.



How do I run my search?

 Click on either the SEARCH button or the Search key on the keyboard to carry out the search.


Understanding the results page

The top of the page returned displays your search terms as well as SortContent Type, Video Translation Language and Search Date Range options. These can be used to refine your search if desired.


The actual search results are listed below these options. Access them by scrolling down the page.



Where can I find more information about searching?

For further help on searching content, click the Search Help button located below the Reset Search Filters button.



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