Translating the Daily Dozen App

Translating the Daily Dozen App into a new language requires two tasks. One task is the actual translation of all words that the app user sees into another language. If you are a non-technical translator we welcome your help! Please email Steven Litrov for instructions on how to contribute.
The other task is a technical development task and involves changing the code base so that the app can use the translation as a resource. These changes are submitted via a "Pull Request". A Pull Request is a method of submitting contributions to an open source project like the Daily Dozen app. Submit a Pull Request when you're ready to ask for changes that you committed to your external repository to be considered for inclusion in the Daily Dozen's main repository.
How to submit a Pull Request to the Daily Dozen Android repository

Getting set up to submit a Pull Request

  • Click the Fork button in the upper right-hand corner. You now have a copy of the repository you just forked, available in your GitHub account.
  • Clone the repository locally by running
    • git clone [email protected]:<your GitHub username>/nutritionfactsorg/android.git in your terminal
  • Open this repository in your terminal and run the following command to create a new branch:
    • git checkout -b add-your-name

You're now working on a new branch, on a repository that you can commit to.

Add your name to and commit your changes and push these changes to the repository by running:

git push origin add-your-name

You're now ready to send your pull request!

Submitting a Pull Request

Go to the Daily Dozen Android repository on GitHub and click on the green "Compare & pull request" button.

Add a title, a comment, and then press the “Create pull request” button.

At this point, the maintainers of the original Daily Dozen Android repository will decide whether or not to accept your pull request. They may ask for you to edit or revise your code prior to accepting the pull request. 

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