Locating my comment

If your comment has not yet shown up on our website:

It may have gotten caught in the spam filter. The spam filter is activated when a user posts many comments in a short period of time or a comment contains numerous links. If you believe this was an error, continue to submit a support request here and we can release your comment.

If your comment was at one point visible, and now is not:

Dr. Greger may have taken it down or other users may have flagged it for inappropriate content.

What are the rules for posting comments on this site?

The intention of the comment section under each video and blog post is to allow all members to share their stories, questions, and feedback with others in a welcoming, engaging, and respectful environment.  Off-topic comments are permitted, in hopes more experienced users may be able to point them to more relevant videos that may answer their questions. Vigorous debate is welcome so long as participants can disagree respectfully. Advertising products or services is not permitted.

To make NutritionFacts.org a place where people feel comfortable posting without feeling attacked, we have no tolerance for ad hominem attacks or comments that are racist, misogynist, homophobic, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate. We’ve gotten more sensitive to this after a physician who graciously donated his time to answer people’s questions stopped contributing because of negative comments. So please, for everyone’s benefit, help us foster a community of mutual respect. Enforcement of these rules is done to the best of our ability on a case-by-case basis.


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