How to order the books in another country

We would first suggest searching for the book on your country's respective Amazon website. If it is unavailable there, you can try the Book Depository website: to order internationally.

The book is also currently being translated and sold in multiple countries, so subscribe to our newsletter here to get the latest updates on what languages the book is offered in!

Here are the links and titles we have (this list will be updated as new ones are translated):

How Not to Die:

Australia: How Not to Die
Brazil: Comer Para não Morrer
Bulgaria: Можем да сме здрави
Canada: How Not to Die
China: 救命!逆转和预防致命疾病的科学饮食
Czech Republic: Jak nezemřít
Estonia: Kuidas mitte haigestuda
Finland: Kuinka elää kuolematta
France: Mieux manger peut vous sauver la vie
Germany: How Not to Die
Hungary: Hogy ne halj meg
Israel: איך לא למות
Italy: Sei quel che mangi
Japan: 食事のせいで、死なないために (volume 1 and volume 2)
Korea: 의사들의 120세 건강 비결은 따로 있다 (volume 1 and volume 2)
Latvia: How Not to Die
Netherlands: Hoe overleef je?
Poland: Jak nie umrzeć przedwcześnie
Portugal: Como Não Morrer
Romania: Cum să nu mori
Russia: Не сдохни! Еда в борьбе за жизнь
Saudi Arabia: كيف تتجنب الامراض القاتلة
Serbia: Kako doživeti stotu
Slovakia: Ako nezomrieť 
Slovenia: Kako ozdravimo s hrano
Spain: Comer para no morir
Sweden: Konsten att inte dö
Thailand: คัมภีร์ชนะทุกโรค
Turkey: Ölmek ya da Ölmemek
UK: How Not to Die

The How Not to Die Cookbook:

Australia/New Zealand: The How Not to Die Cookbook
Canada: The How Not to Die Cookbook
China: 救命食谱 
Czech Republic: Jak nezemřít kuchařka
Germany: Das HOW NOT TO DIE Kochbuch
Hungary: Receptek hogy sokáig élj
Italy: La dieta che salva la vita
Netherlands: Hoe overleef je? Kookboek 
Poland: Jak nie umrzeć przedwcześnie. Przepisy
Portugal: Como Não Morrer - Livro de Receitas
South Africa: The How Not to Diet Cookbook
UK: The How Not to Die Cookbook

How Not to Diet:

Australia: How Not to Diet
Canada: How Not to Diet
Germany: How Not to Diet
Hungary: Egyél úgy, hogy ne halj meg
Portugal: Como Não Fazer Dieta
Romania: Cum să nu ții o dietă
Spain: Comer para no engordar
Sweden: Konsten att inte banta
UK: How Not to Diet

The How Not to Diet Cookbook:

Australia: The How Not to Diet Cookbook
Canada: The How Not to Diet Cookbook

Germany: Das HOW NOT TO DIET Kochbuch
Ireland: The How Not to Diet Cookbook
UK: The How Not to Diet Cookbook

How to Survive a Pandemic:

Germany: How not to die in a pandemic
Turkey: PANDEMİ/Salgında Hayatta Kalma Rehberi
UK: How To Survive a Pandemic

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