Viewing video translations on your Android device

Most of our videos have English captions and those captions are undergoing translation into many different languages by a team of dedicated volunteers. To find out which videos currently have captions available in a particular language, you can perform a search on our site and filter the results by content type: video and language.

On an Android device, you can enable subtitles by going to the video you want to watch and clicking on the CC icon:

By default, the subtitles will be displayed in the language of your phone. If your phone is in English, you will get English subtitles. You can temporarily change the language on your phone if you are interested in seeing the subtitles in a different language. To change your phone's language, go to the Settings app and click on Languages & Input.

Choose your preferred language from the list of available languages. You will now see your phone in the chosen language:

Go back to the video, reload your browser and click on the CC icon again. You will now see the subtitles in the language you chose in the previous step.

If you prefer not to change your phone's language, you can view the video directly on YouTube and choose the appropriate language there.

To view the video on YouTube, go to the video you want to watch and click on the YouTube logo located on the bottom right corner of the video:

The YouTube app will open and load the video. You can choose the subtitles you want to see by clicking on the three dots (YouTube menu) located at the top of the screen:

Click on Captions:

and select one of the available languages from the list:

Back at the video, press play and the translated subtitles will be displayed:


You can now search videos by language so that you can see all the videos that have translations in your language! 


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