Step-by-step instructions for accessing and playing your digital download on an iPhone

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to download, unzip and play your digital download purchase to your iPhone. These instructions were tested on an iPhone 6+ running IOS 8.1.1 and found to be reliable. 

1. Go to on your iOS device and login to your account by clicking the Menu button in the top left corner. 


2. After logging in, click on My Account.

3. Scroll down the My Account page and click "Access My Digital Files."

4. You will see three ways to play the digital download on your iPhone: .m4v, .zip and streaming. However, since iOS does not allow for direct downloads of .m4v files, we recommend our iOS users either download the .zip file version or watch the streaming version of your purchased video.

5. To watch it streaming, click the play button.

Here are instructions for downloading and playing the .zip file. This is more involved than clicking the button to stream the video.

The digital download for iOS consists of a video (.m4v) file packaged inside of a zip file. We use the free version of WinZip to extract the video file from the zip file. Then we use the built-in IOS "Quick Look" to play the video. Note that there may be other ways to extract and view the digital download on your iPhone.

1. First make sure WinZip is installed.

If WinZip is installed, you should see an app icon somewhere on your iPhone that looks something like this:

If WinZip isn’t installed, go to the App Store and get and install the free version of WinZip. 

2. With WinZip installed, you are ready to download your purchase. IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you are connected to WiFi before attempting to download! Apple won't let iPhones or iPads download files larger than 100 megabytes unless they are connected to WiFi.

3. Click on the filename to start the download. Note the large file size. Depending on the speed of your network connection it may take a few minutes for the download to complete. Do not restart the download. It will interrupt the download in progress.

Unfortunately the iPhone doesn’t give you any other notification that the download has started, or any sort of download progress bar. However, once the download is complete, the downloaded file will appear in the My Files folder in WinZip.

4. While you are waiting for the download to complete, open WinZip. Inside WinZip you will see a list of folders. 

The next screenshot shows a red arrow pointing at the folder "My Files". Click on My Files to look at the folder's contents.

When you see the digital download file will in the My Files folder in WinZip, that means it has finished downloading.

5. Click directly on the downloaded file in WinZip to unzip it.

Unzipping can take a while.

WinZip will try to open the video file, but it may not be able to. In that case, it will pop up a screen saying “Open file failed” and “Try to open it with other Apps”.

6. Click on the   icon to open the unzipped file with another app.
A screen will pop up showing other apps you can use to open the file. The screen shot below shows a red arrow pointing at the app "Quick Look".
7. Click on Quick Look. 
The file opens in Quick Look.

8. Finally, click the arrow to play. Congratulations!

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