Step-by-step instructions for access and playing your digital download on an Android device

Here is a step-by-step walk through of how to download and play your digital download purchase to your Android device.


1. Go to on your Android device and login to your account.

2. Access the my account page by clicking the Menu button in the top left corner and then clicking My Account.

3. Click "Access My Digital Files."

When you scroll down, you will see the option to either download the file or watch it streaming.

5. To watch it streaming, click the play button.

6. To download it to your device, click the title of the volume you ordered next to the Download number.

**Note: Since you are using an Android device, I would recommend downloading the .m4v, not the .zip file. The .zip file is for iOS devices.**

7. Your device will tell you how long the download will take. Download the video file only while connected to Wi-Fi as it may not download otherwise.

8. Once the file has completed downloading, navigate to your downloads folder. Your downloads folder will be listed with your other apps.

9. Click the video to watch.

Video players vary by Android device. If the video does not play with your standard video player, you may have to download a third party player such as VLC Media Player or MX player from the App store.

After you've downloaded one of those video players, to play the video, click on the video file and your device will ask what program you want to open it with. Choose the third party player you downloaded.


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