How to submit a false positive report with Norton


If is ever incorrectly flagged by Norton there a few steps you can take to report this and prevent it from happening in the future. Norton provides an easy-to-follow reporting system but there are a few things you need to know to move through it smoothly.

Reporting a False Positive


If gets flagged, you can submit a false positive report with Norton here.  

The first page you come to will look like this


If it is that caused the false positive, select option A4 - When browsing the web

and click next to go to the next page.



The second page will ask you which Norton product you were using while your error occurred. That page will look like the image below.


If you are unsure which product you are using click the View screenshot button next to each product listed to see what the product looks like. Select the option that corresponds with your Norton product then click to go to the next page.



The third page asks you to report which Norton detection type occurred. The page will look like the image below.


If you are not sure which type of detection you are reporting click the View screenshot button next to the listed detection type. Select the option that contains your detection type and hit next to go to the next page.



 On the 4th and final page, you will be asked to provide Norton with the website you were visiting when this occurred. In the first section, Help us locate the software, you must provide Norton with the Submission Type and URL of the false positive. 

  • Under Submission Type select the option for Provide Blocked URL (IPS).
  • For the URL put in the full URL including https://. The URL should say If done correctly, the first section will look like this:



Under Tell us about the detection, enter the required information.

  • Name of the software being detected

If you don't know, or are unsure, you can skip this field.

  • Name of detection given by Symantec product

This field is mandatory.

  • File quarantine, product clipboard information, or additional details

In the main product window, double-click Security and then click History. In the Security History window, nest to Show, select Quarantine from the drop-down. Click on the activity, then More Options and then on Copy to Clipboard. Now, paste the content here.

Under Your Details enter your name and email to receive information and updates about your submission.

Now all that is left is submit the form. Under Submit enter the security characters into the field provided and click submit. Make sure you have provided Norton with as much information as you can so they can address the situation quickly and efficiently.

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